Simone Masiero
Simone Masiero reviewedSygic MapsThe world's first online maps designed for travelers

Pretty good database of locations.

I like the tag search

It's pretty fast

It's easy to pull images from Flickr/Wikimedia to add


Lots of places still don't have photos and have only one tag which makes them hard to discover

No satellite view

Very few reviews

Just yesterday I was looking for a new maps alternative to try and break away from Google. I stumbled upon Sygic but didn't give it a fair shot so now that it's here I tried again and I have to say, it's better than I expected. I am currently travelling in Slovenia so I guess it's not the most used country for the moment. Anyhow, there are quite a few things that I like but I think there's definitely room for improvement. I would love to be able to see a satellite view(I use it often to know if where I'm going there's parking or other features that are not on the map), it's important that I can at least suggest adding/removing tags. Here many waterfalls are categorised only as that, while I think they should have at least the sightseeing tag too. It's the first tag in your search box, if I use it and this great places don't appear I will just think that you are very bad and move on(that's what happened yesterday). Reviewing is as painless as it gets which is nice.

Last but quite amazing if possible, would be a way to import lists from google maps or other services. I have over 600 stars on google maps which make it quite complex to move away. Having an export would be great too.

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Barbora Nevosadova
Barbora Nevosadova@barbora_nevosadova · Sygic Travel
Hi Simone, Thank you for such a great feedback. We are working hard on improving our content, it is our number 1 priority. We should add satellite view shortly. I believe that importing lists from Google Maps is a bit tricky because of legal reasons, but I will discuss it with my colleagues. Have a great trip in Slovenia!
Simone Masiero
Simone Masiero@duiker101 · Software Developer
@barbora_nevosadova makes sense, can't hold it against you, it's also a bit of a special case, I don't think most people have that many stars saved so maybe it's better to focus on something else :) adding tags tho is something that might really be useful, any idea if that is going to come? I am a very active on Google Maps and would be very happy to switch if I knew that my efforts are going towards a better platform
Barbora Nevosadova
Barbora Nevosadova@barbora_nevosadova · Sygic Travel
@duiker101 To be honest, I am not sure about the tags. I will try to find out more and let you know.