Rajesh Agrawal
Rajesh Agrawal reviewedSweatcoin for AndroidThe app that pays you to get fit!

It just works! Great motivator to actually go out and walk/hike/run.


Not all outdoor steps are converted to Sweatcoins.

Limitation of only counting outdoor steps.

Some offers are sold out for a while.

I recently started using this app on iPhone. Really like the idea of earning a virtual currency and using it to buy real products, including gift cards! It is a true motivator and even if somebody doesn't use it for money, there is no harm in signing up as the app runs in the background calculating your outdoor steps that result in earning sweatcoins. My only grip is that the # and variety of offers is limited. In fact, some of them are "sold out" which does not give any option to new users. I am surprised that I didn't hear about it until it was hunted on PH! Also, please improve your algorithm as not all outdoor steps are properly converted to Sweatcoins. Limitation of only counting outdoor steps is a challenge for some of us techies who mostly stay indoors.

I hope the app will come to Apple Watch or other smartwatches (Fitbit Iconic, etc) that will eliminate carrying phone all the time.

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