Peter Bock
Peter Bock reviewedSuperRareCreate, collect and trade rare crypto art and collectibles

A new way for artists to sell their digital artwork !

Easy to use (speaking as one of the artists on the platform).


supports only JPEG/PNG or GIFs for now.

Some ultra high def formats for photography and such could be interesting additons in the future.

I'm one of the artists one the platform, and have been using it for the alst 2 months.

It's been pretty easy to set up a new token, and I've already sold a couple of pieces, giving me some Ethereum to experiment with other Dapps, or convert to fiat in case of emergencies :)

There's very different kinds of artwork present, and the selection just keeps on growing !

Plus, right now is a good time to get in as the inital sale is 100% to the artist ;)

Peter Bock has used this product for one month.
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