Dwain Burke
Dwain Burke reviewedStardustFriends and fans sharing video reactions to Movies & TV.

Allows quick access to multiple POVs on a given TV Show or Film in an easily digestible medium.


The app is great and user friendly but the inclusion of a DM or reply, text or video, would be a great addition.

I began writing my movie reviews (follow me at thereelburke on Facebook or reallyreelblog.com) with plan to eventually make the jump to a full video platform on YouTube. Stardust allows me a platform that is easily accessible and user-friendly for content creators and consumers alike.

There are so many films and shows, good and bad, Stardust allows users to experience the opinions of other regular people that people as well and super-fans and actual critic and help them determine if a film or show is worth their time.

I was introduced to Stardust 2 months ago and I love it so much that I've tabled my plans to move to YouTube for the foreseeable future. There's definitely a community people with for movies and TV but varying viewpoints. Stardust gives us all a place to meet and discuss. Be sure to check out Stardust and FOLLOW me at: thereelburke

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