Adrian Gazzoli
Adrian Gazzoli reviewedSprintlioRetrospectives with accountability ✅

- Makes running retros very easy and quick

- The action item (tasks) follow up feature is amazing

- All the integrations are a bonus!


- Takes some time to invite the entire team

We've been using this service at our company for the past few months. Way superior to other services (i.e. Postfacto) with all integrations and additional features. Makes running retros and tracking history a breeze.

Adrian Gazzoli has used this product for one month.
Andrew Kong
Andrew Kong@andrewkong · CEO and Co-founder of Sprintlio
Thanks @adrian_gazzoli! Your team's feedback was instrumental in helping us streamline and simplify that process. It is much improved thanks to the your team. Wait till you see what we've got coming up.