Sean M Masters
Sean M Masters reviewedSpectacles v2Sunglasses that capture your world, the way you see it.
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Feature set looks great!


Requires Snapchat which is a show-stopper.

As soon as these work with native Android apps (Camera, for example), you can count me in.

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Sam Mateosian
Sam Mateosian@semateos · Co-founder, Yarn Corporation
Agree re: the forcing to Snapchat issue. I own a v1 pair. That was *the* blocker for me - it made the introductory adoption curve too steep. They *could* take more of an "embrace the ecosystem" approach, recognizing the existence of their peers and making their tools compatible. They could then more gradually draw people to using their app. If I start out using Spectacles daily with Instagram and loving the device, then I'd then be a lot more interested in using their other tools. No - import to Snap, export to camera roll, import to Instagram does not count - too much work.
Jason Safaiyeh
Jason Safaiyeh@safaiyeh · TODO Menubar, MyProgress, Vestige
this is true. I would love to record without snapchat