Product planning and management for software projects

SpecFuse helps you define your product and strategy, capture your ideas, develop specifications, and manage your project as you bring your product to life.
I created SpecFuse to be a single platform to manage software projects where you can document your product strategy, capture your ideas, create specifications for your features, and have exciting dashboards to monitor your progress as you work on them. I found other solutions that just let you capture an 'issue' or 'task' could leave you developing features that aren't particularly clear, or are disconnected from your user needs and product strategy. SpecFuse addresses this by capturing simple business cases with each feature, encouraging you to think about who it is serving. It also allows you to split specifications out into separate requirements statements that you can check-off individually, ensuring your developers can work from specific itemized requirements instead of just text in a description field. Keyword detection even helps spot the potential requirements in your description to help you extract them. With lots of other features like roadmaps, chat, discussions, workflow, and user assignment, I would love to get feedback from the Product Hunt community on what they think of the application and how we could best take it forward.
I've been using SpecFuse for a little while now, and I must say it is a really well put together tool that just makes my day to day planning needs very easy! I love the ideas functionality where I can really easily and quickly add in any ideas into my project for later action (or not) :) It has definitely made a positive change for me! I feel like I have upgraded my project management skills!!
Thank you for the kind words @arvesolland! We're glad we've been helping with your projects and all your early feedback has been very helpful :)