A smart, fast and free email client for iPhone

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Denys Zhadanov
@denzhadanov · VP of Marketing at Readdle
Hey guys! We're building the best email client out there for "cool' people. We've tried to fix the broken parts of email and have a much bigger vision - email should be a platform for "Future of Work". Why Spark is awesome? - Smart inbox - Snoozing - Smart search -Quick Replies (my favorite) I'll be happy to hear your feedback and thoughts. The iPad and Mac versions are coming shortly. The iPad beta will start in 10 days.
Alex Aubert@alexaubert · UX director @ DxO
@denzhadanov What about the Mac version? Is it soon also?
Frank Thelen@frank_thelen · Founder and Investor
Great to see innovation in this space!
Denys Zhadanov
@denzhadanov · VP of Marketing at Readdle
@frank_thelen Thanks Frank!
Golden Kitty Awards
@goldenkittymeow · Golden Kitty Awards are happening Meow!
This product has been nominated for the Golden Kitty Award of Sexiest Product of the Year! Cast your vote before Sunday December 20th at 5pm PST and see the full list of nominees here. Congrats @denzhadanov @justdimon
Artur Kiulian@arturkiulian · Partner at Colab
Amazing product and with no doubts the sexiest on the app store ;)
Blake Puryear@b_puryear · Project & Product Lead, Hayseed Ventures
Spark is my favorite of the mail apps emerging in the post-Mailbox shutdown fallout. It's got a sick user interface, calendar integration, snoozing and many other features I've come to expect in my iOS mail client. There's something about the entire UX that's just different and heartwarming.