Semira Amiralai
Semira Amiralai reviewedSortd for GmailTrello for Gmail - Transform your email into organized lists

It's great; does what I need. Shows me my emails and where they're at as indepenent functions.


I haven't discovered that just yet.

I'm trying to discover the main difference(s) between Sortd and Drag. While Sortd is more mature, both are attractive products with great functionality. Keeping it simple is key for me (a minimalist). It's not clear what the differences are; anyone have inputs on this?

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Nick Timms
Nick Timms@nptimms · Drag 2.0 is live today (16th April)!
Hey Semira :) Spotted your comment over the weekend! Sortd are a cool product. They are quite a heavy skin that sits on top of Gmail to be able to be used primarily converting tasks to email. I'd welcome you to check out our reviews on Chrome store and also, if you haven't, please try - yesterday we released a large update which dramatically improved speed. That was one of our previous sticking points with customers. Also, please see our public product roadmap which shares everything we are doing: This will be the best way to understand our direction. We've recently changed our vision statement to 'Inbox your life'. Any more questions, I'd happily jump on a call. Thanks Nick
Ethan Jacobs
Ethan Jacobs@ethan_jacobs · CEO of aviation firm
Sortd is clearly the one to use! It's far more refined than any of the other product mentioned here and offer more functionality like Sales and CRM features and I see they are launching team collaborations soon too.