Slash Keyboard 2.0

Smart keyboard with built-in search engine

Would you recommend Slash Keyboard 2.0 to a friend?


Fletcher Richman
@fletchrichman · Partner, Kokopelli Capital
I've been using Slash since version 1 and was included on the Testflight updates all the way up until the launch of 2.0. Each iteration was an improvement on design, typing functionality, and added slashes. This teams execution and velocity is mega-impressive, the product will only continue to improve. Slash has completely taken over as my primary keyboard… See more
Kumar Thangudu
@datarade · 2X Saas Founder + Angel Investor
Saved me so much time since the first usage. It's like alfredapp for mobile. Perfect.
Christine Carrillo
@christinecarril · ceo & co-founder, Impact Health
Love using Slash. Not just a time saver, but makes using other apps so much better. Been a huge fan since version 1.0. Latest fun feature: Created our own /slash to replace traditional biz cards. Slashed info within seconds. Everyone loved it!
Josh Ferris
@joshferris · Startup Consultant at FCW
I never realized how much time I wasted trying to share things "the usual way" until I had that time back. Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours and hours become days. Thank you for making sharing easier and giving me time back in my day to enjoy life. :)
Alex Iskold
@alexiskold · Managing Director, Techstars NYC
Slash is literally the only product since Twitter that I use every day. It is my default keyboard and it works great. Super convenient from sharing LOL stickers with my kids to links and tweets for my work.