Boris Golden
Boris Golden reviewedSlack Notification for your AppIntegrate Slack notifications to your app in 5 minutes

Integrating Slack notifications in your product without the need to manage low level tech integration... The world as it should be in 2018!


I personally wouldn't pay for this integration, but the platform offers much more than that!

As a former product guy, it makes no sense when the dev team needs to reinvent the wheel or need to spend time on tech duties which aren't specific & don't provide business value. Such a Slack integration makes it as easy as rolling out Google Analytics on your website, so that product roadmap can be accelerated without consuming the precious resources of dev time within a sprint!

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"I personally wouldn't pay for this integration" Why mentions this in the Cons section, I believe it should be: Pros: Always free 😉 You're too haunted by the VC approach I suppose 😃
@ciboulette ahahah fair point ;)