Aidan Wolf
Aidan Wolf reviewedSketchfab AR for iOSExplore a million things in AR and publish AR with no code

Lots of amazing 3D content


Tracking is extremely floaty

Models take a while to load

No use case

Sketchfab AR could be amazing but right now it's lacking features and is poorly implemented. It's a 10x better experience using their traditional native 2D model viewer.

Aidan Wolf has used this product for one day.
alban@albn · CEO, Sketchfab
Thanks for the feedback! Which models did you try it with? Sketchfab AR works through a WebView in a native app, so there is indeed a bit of lag and loading time for heavier models, but otherwise it should work pretty well for most. Have you tried the "VR/AR ready" section of the app? Automatically shortlists models below a certain poly threshold. Other than that yes, this is a first version, many improvements still needed, working on it!