Ivan reviewedSite Audit by AhrefsCloud based website analysis for 100+ SEO issues

Botify for a fraction of cost. Actionable insights.


Results representation is a work in progress

We used to use Botify when it costed $50/mo, it was fun. Ahrefs pretty much reminds that, and it came free with our current subscription.

We've tested our recent release (we've rewritten the whole Icons8 in Vue.js recently).

Promptly, we've found:

1. Broken ahreflang

2. Missing alt texts

3. Non-matching canonicals.

Thanks, guys!

Meantime, I've got questions:

1. While Google crawler shows average _download_ time <200 ms, Ahrefs Audit failed to receive any of the _first bytes_ under 200 ms. How would you guys explain it?

2. It has some charts, but usually everything falls into a single category. We've got some monochromatic donut charts, and a monochromatic treemap mostly consisting of equal tiles.

3. Some things should be clarified. Do exceptions expect regular expressions or substrings? What are compliant pages?

Ivan has used this product for one day.