Matt Michel
Matt Michel reviewedSingle OriginLearn to brew specialty coffee ☕

Great starter recipes for a variety of brew methods


Can't log water temp or grind size. Both crucial aspects to how your coffee tastes

When the brew ends, you can leave 'notes'. The problem is that when typing the notes the 'save' button is hidden (b/c keyboard covers it). After writing my review I hit the '<' arrow and lost my notes. Argh.

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Chris Smith
Chris Smith@canadauni
I agree that grind size is important to log but how would you record it? Grinder setting can vary across units of a single model and qualitative descriptions are very subjective.
Jon Samp
Jon Samp@jonsamp · Software Engineer at Codecademy
Thanks for the feedback! It is on the roadmap to add grind size and water temp to the summary screen so you can keep track. Also, definitely will fix the Save button being hidden behind the keyboard. Thanks for trying out the app!
Jon Samp
Jon Samp@jonsamp · Software Engineer at Codecademy
Just following up, the app now shows the "Save" button when writing notes after your brew. One thing I noticed when building the app is that I am not ready to write notes until ~6 minutes after the brew is finished and I can taste as the coffee cools. To accommodate this, there's the ability to edit your notes in the log book (icon in the upper right on the first menu page). Also, I thought about adding a generic grind size slider, but that may be hard to translate. Instead, I'm planning to add a setting and let you choose a specific grinder or a grind range (i.e. 1 - 30, or 1 - 10) so you can record. You hit it on the nose about the importance of grind size. If you have more feedback or comments, please let me know and thanks for looking at the app and trying it out!