James McKinven
James McKinven reviewedSimplecastThe modern podcast management and metrics platform

Lovely interface, really good site builder and feature set


Could do with upload presets

I've been using Transistor for the past year and I like it, no real problems, but I'd just like my website to look nicer. With this update, Simplecast seem to be offering a lot more features, for less money. I love Transistor & I'll probably still host one of my podcasts there. However, I think I am going to switch my main pod over to Simplecast.

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@jmckinven If you mean what I *think* you mean, regarding upload presets, we have Episode Templates in development - allowing you to quickly pre-populate much of your episodes' details, saving time in the publishing workflow. LMK if this is something different, I'd love to hear your feedback!