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So overall its a good app - adding value and doing something interesting for sure. I posted a question about startups and got pretty good feedback from a couple pro women and other girls starting up. My other question on travelling to Japan already got 3 replies from girls who have been there and one from someone living there already and looks like we will meet up when i get there which is awesome. So far so good - but could do better with the UX so you don't have to keep jumping between groups.

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Sanchita Saha
Sanchita Saha@ubersaha · Founder @shelloapp / @citysocializer
Hi Daniella thanks so much for your feedback and glad you have received some value already. Re the UX issue we are working on a new merged home feed right now to stop you having to go from group to group to catch up with the latest stuff. Aiming to have this released in the coming weeks. Feel free to drop any further feedback to me at hello@shello.com