Make & launch a successful minimum viable product 🤑

#3 Product of the DayDecember 27, 2018

Scaleboot is a productized service to help you launch a minimum viable product successfully thanks to a large range of features offered in different plans. From idea validation, market research, monetization study or even developing a customized launch plan 🚀

Check out our plans, aimed towards makers, bootstrappers and startup founders 👀

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🎶 Happy holidays! 🎶 So happy to finally launch Scaleboot on Product Hunt, after the introduction of new features & switching to monthly plans, becoming a productized service. This is the first product I made together with someone else - the amazing @dantelex - and it's helped me take a different approach on thinking, building and wrapping everything together as we exchanged our opinions and explained each of our own perspectives in regards to the concept & its future 🔮 On a side note, with the year coming to an end, I'm excited to launch yet some more product I have up my sleeve. So stay tuned, and if everything goes to plan, maybe I can make 2 more launches in the following days! 😱 Hope you like Scaleboot & feel free to share your feedback with @dantelex & I! 💙 (Disclaimer: We don't guarantee a Product Hunt launch for your product)
@dantelex @tcodinat Great product guys. I just upvoted it. If you need to prototype websites for products really quick, we can provide you with accounts on for your clients to speed up the whole process.
@dantelex @david_braun Thank you David! I'll have a look at your product too 😃
I checked their website, I think the service offered is not clear. There is no detail but a call to action button. May be it is a good service, but it is hard to understand the coverage.
@melih_arat Hey Melih, that's a valid concern. We have a live chat in order to clarify, and you may ask for further details directly to me if you'd like at We're planning to add testimonials from our past clients & other sections to clarify.
Congrats for the launch. You did a very good job this year. I think it last project in this year 😄
@nikolay_siabrenko Thanks! I still have one or two more products, maybe three! But some might have to be on early January, sadly 😋
I'm interesting in it. But do you have any demos or processes? All the descriptions on the web page are vague, and I couldn't understand what your service actually does. The service could be anything from a tremendous value to complete bullshit if I just judge by the description on the page.
@sungho Hm I understand. As I said in another comment, we wanted to add testimonials (already had several satisfied customers) but they were all on holidays, still didn't want to postpone the launch, as well as more details and maybe even a little trial to get a taste of what you get. All in our minds, we're considering adding that on our next revision. Nonetheles if you'd like more clarifications you can always use the live chat or send me a mail at ^^
This is such a smart idea & so well executed. I know you worked super hard on this. Impressed by this and ALL of your launches! Go Toni! 💃
@kellyfmill Thank you so much! Still have a couple exciting things to show, hopefully before the year is over. Sooo exciting ^^