Sam Rye
Sam Rye reviewedRoadmapCustomer Feedback & Product Roadmaps

Feature rich with:

- Feedback widget for website / app

- Repository of Feedback and Ideas

- Backlog with categories & tags

- Public/private


Haven't found anything yet

I only found Roadmap in the last week, but I've instantly seen it's potential, and have really enjoyed getting set up and starting to build out a backlog.

I could see this being used for a variety of things, not just technology product management. I'm setting up a new impact studio, and we often take a participatory approach to developing ideas, so this could work as a really neat solution for us to centralise research and ideas.

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Brendan Weinstein
Brendan Weinstein@bmweinstein · Founder: University Beyond & Gizer
@samrye_enspiral Sounds interesting and intelligent. Care to explain further? Id love to see.