Taylor Banks
Taylor Banks reviewedRiteTag 2.0 ExtensionsInstagram/Twitter hashtag suggestions from any image or text

The ONLY tool that provides so much useful data to help you understand which hashtags to use, and WHY. Other tools are not data-driven.


Still waiting on Saul to whip up some RiteKit bundles, but it's a minor grievance, since RiteTag is so powerful by itself. :)

I've used several of the tools in the RiteKit suite, though RiteTag is the one that I just can't quit. I waffle between Buffer, Ritepush, eClincher and SmarterQueue, and I have other link shortener / CTA tools that offer what Rite.ly offers, but I haven't found another tool on the planet that offers as much useful data about hashtags as RiteTag, and honestly, I have no reason to look. :)

Taylor Banks has used this product for one year.
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