Elizabeth Hannan
Elizabeth Hannan reviewedRippleA new professional network from the creators of Tinder

Clever idea! LI needs a competitor


Not up to par. Seems unfinished full of bugs

It is very obvious there was no H.E.O. research done before launching to create a good flow to the customer journey. It is choppy, missing chunks and very obviously designed with the developers ego first rather than defining the buyer persona for the actual user of the app.

The reviews on the App store seem to nail it.

Definitely, not a Tinder quality app. Maybe Tinder ver .0005.

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Jani pasha
Jani pasha@janipasha_138 · Product, GoZoomo
what is LI ? is it a product ?
Akshay Sonawane
Akshay Sonawane@akkias · UXD Expert
Jani pasha
Jani pasha@janipasha_138 · Product, GoZoomo
@akkias It sounded like a Chinese product, didn't think its LinkedIn's short form