Convert long blog post into one short remark using NLP

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 10, 2020
Remark summarizes the long blog post into short tweet-style remark and keeps the meaning of this post.
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Hi all! My name is Ulan and I've created a text summarization app that can convert long blog post into short remark and meanwhile keeps the meaning of the message. It's made using NLP and a couple of algorithms. Would love you to check it out and give your feedback on this MVP. 🤗 P.S. Plz rate the quality of the translation on the website
@defoemark we can test your app with 700+ user :) let me know if you are interested.
@volkan_cansiz 🙏 Thanks Volkan
Sorry to say the result was pretty average from the blog post I tried. Hope you're able to refine and improve.
@samrye_enspiral Hi Sam, Thanks for your feedback! The model is pretty raw, could you describe what domain was your blog related to?
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@samrye_enspiral Thanks Sam. Seems like the post contains a lot of specific words. The model as pretty raw, but we will retrain it!
Hey @defoemark, sounds like a great idea. But I wish we could just use it on any blog sites directly rather than copying and pasting articles. A browser extension would be great
@rebecca_ferrao Hi Rebecca, thanks for your feedback, we are currently working on a browser extension
@defoemark @rebecca_ferrao I’m also looking forward to a browser extension!
I tested bunch of articles and the result was pretty good compare to others I tried before. I would use it everyday if it has a browser extension.
@sebastiank Thanks Sebastian! We are doing the chrome extension already. Could you send me your email, so we will update you once it's ready 🤗
@sebastiank @defoemark would love the chrome extension as well
Great Idea. It would be great to offer it as a browser extension too, sth like what google translate does so you can click a button and see the summary while you are browsing! All the best and looking forward to seeing how you grow Remark!
@hamid_ra Thanks Hamid! We are doing chrome extension. Hope we'll get it done asap.