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#4 Product of the DayDecember 04, 2018

Random Hunt is a discovery platform that allows you to find thousands of products from Product Hunt on the press of a button. Give products another chance to shine ⚡️

This product is completely open source & has a public repository in GitHub. Feel free to contribute or make your own version entirely!

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👋 Hello fellow Product Hunters (& makers), I am super excited to tell you about Random Hunt, my 5th (actually 6th outside of Product Hunt) product this year. The idea came shortly after the release of exposure.cards, which is a platform I created to find random underrated content from the Internet. Needless to say, I felt that the discovery system in Product Hunt was a bit limited, since although products get great exposure on their launch, they disappear the day after, never to be seen again. That's why I decided to change that, and give it a spin. 📦 Building Random Hunt I begun working on Random Hunt very early on, around August, when I made several UI mockups of what I felt the platform would be like. I envisioned a minimal light website that displayed 3 products and multiple makers on the press of a button, but something just didn't feel right. I abandoned the project temporarily to focus on Twiverse, being a product which a much larger scope and potential, but after launching it just a few days ago, I decided to give it another try, and I gave it a change of look. The website is dark and full of playful animations, colours and gradients, definitely not like the original flat design. I posted about it on Twitter, and here's one of the images of my canvas in Figma, with muliple iterations of the product. In terms of the development, I used ReactJs for the third time this year in my products because of the kind of application I was building, and to make it more understandable & cleaner when sharing it publicly in GitHub. 🚀 Launching, and some of my goals In order to prepare for the launch, I worked on a video just like for Twiverse, as I felt it made the product more attractive and memorable. While that did postpone my launch, I still think it was the right decision. I also wanted to take the opportunity of launching in Product Hunt to grow my audience, traffic and possibly my revenue 📈 so I added a header linking to my old platform exposure.cards & created an extra product called "Ultimate Launch Kit", offering my services to have a custom GIF thumbnail, media, copywriting & other work done for launching a product on Product Hunt. Being on a personal challenge to launch as many products as possible this year, to gain experience and to attempt being nominated for a golden kitty award 🏆 (unlikely seeing what others have done so far, soo impressive!), I decided to work on Random Hunt instead of another bigger project to be able to try hitting the 7 products mark by the end of 2018. I also wanted to have more open source projects, as I've seen that they've helped me get several job offers, surprisingly, and that people still do ask me for more. Hope you like the product! Feel free to give feedback, I highly appreciate it. Thanks! 💙💜
@tcodinat Massive congrats on the launch! 🎉 This is such a cool nifty product. Love the design.
@tcodinat Congrats on the launch Toni! 🙌 It's nice to see older products come back to the surface. I think I could also use it to find inspiration. 💭
@anthilemoon Thank you so much Anne-Laure!
@marie_dm_ For sure! I will personally be using it when I want to find new things easily ^^ Thanks 😃
@tcodinat Well done, nice to give those older projects life!
Great way to find products which didn't make it to the top of PH. Congrats Toni 🎉
@deadcoder0904 Thank you so much! Yes, I believe this will be super helpful to increase discoverability & getting more attention to old products 😃
Oh! I just saw this on PH and looks so cool and entertaining, Toni! How did you come up with the idea to build I'm feeling lucky for PH?
@morajabi Thanks! Honestly I was just inspired on an old project of mine, exposure.cards, and I just took the concept and applied it to Product Hunt. Simple enough 😋
@morajabi "I'm feeling lucky for PH" is such a good description!
Great job Toni!!
@frcbls Thank you so much!
Awesome product!! As a newer member to PH - I appreciate the ability to see old products. Thanks!
@whit_anderson Thank you! Glad you find it useful!