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Clearly has been one of my favorite tools since it launched. I use more Chrome extensions than most people I know but only a handful are critical to my workflow and get installed on every machine and profile I use. Clearly is one of those critical extensions. Long forgotten and disorganized bookmarks have found new light and new life since I began using Clearly. Together with Workona and TabSnooze I have a perfect system for working in the browser. I am looking forward to watching Clearly develop but I'm not sure it needs any improvement from today.

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Henry Arguedas
Henry Arguedas@henry_arguedas · interested in all kinds of technology.
I think it's changed my work habits and caused me to be a bit more organized. I'm curious how you use it with Workona. When you have a new tab, which extension controls it? I'm only now installing Workona but don't see how I used them together yet. Thanks!