Kiran Kunigiri
Kiran Kunigiri reviewedQbserveAutomatic productivity & time tracking for macOS

Almost every app and website is pre-categorized

Charts categorize the day into: productive, neutral, distracted

Create custom projects


Nothing really

This app is pretty awesome. They made it so detailed that when I walked away from my laptop for 20 minutes, instead of just logging whatever app I was on, it asked me if I was eating, sleeping, exercising, etc. since it knew I was away from the computer

It logs every single website and app you visit, and almost everything has been categorized for you. You can even make your own categories and projects to specifically log as well. At the end, I can also look at everything I did with charts and a pie chart showing my overall time spent categorized into productive, neutral, and distracted, which is a really awesome way to get a quick overview.

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