Ben Abrams
Ben Abrams reviewedPull Reminders for GitHubSlack reminders and metrics for pull requests

- helps me maintain OSS projects across many repositories & orgs

- showcases progress on PRs

- helps us highlight & close out abandoned PRs


- product is still fairly new and may require additional enhancement to accomplish your specific goals/needs


I am an open source maintainer for various projects, mostly smaller ones that were relatively easy to keep track of. When I became a maintainer for it was overwhelming the number of pull requests to keep track of across that many repositories with a small band of maintainers. Thus we started searching for solutions to help us manage all of this chaos. Our first attempt involved an extensive tagging solutions and creating several "dashboards" based on github searches with states and labels. This certainly helped us bring some order to the chaos and went searching to improve this experience. At the time I discovered this tool I really liked the concept but it was missing key features that would make it viable for our use case. Rather than giving up I reached out to Abi and discussed the issues we were facing and discussed what kind of enhancements were needed to make it viable for our workflows. Abi has always been quick to respond to feedback, bug reports, etc and has been a great partner to work with. Fast forward several months later and it has become the only way I can keep on top of these large OSS projects.

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