Let's Visualize!
Let's Visualize! reviewedPromoThe easiest way to create marketing videos, from Slidely

Quality service, easily create promotional videos - no visual content of your own needed! or even ideas on what to create, amazing support.


Took me a while to see how to create longer clips or add my own footage (it's there, just not obvious) and waiting to combine more clips.

Super impressed with the quality of videos and speed of creation, even the music selection is great and appears to be pre-edited and compatible to whatever length the video I create turns out to be. I've had already more than a few ideas on how to expand it, their customer support people were best I've experienced and have listened to every suggestion and followed up with updates and predictions to when those will be available (which wasn't always accurate, and I do hope they figure out how to update the product more frequently). Overall a real problem solver and best in market offering. Final tip: those videos work better when you create more than the occasional video, and on Facebook in particular, when using targeting and paid reach (organic seems to be very unreliable for us). funny, informative and value added videos provide big wins. Ads and promos work well when retargeting those who engaged (liked/viewed/etc...) before.

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