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#3 Product of the DayMay 17, 2018

Make sure your product looks fabulous before publishing it in Product Hunt. Add its title, tagline, topic and even a thumbnail image to see how it would be displayed in the site.

Want to bring this concept further? Feel free to use the code, which is freely available at GitHub!

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πŸ‘‹ Hey makers & hunters of ProductHunt! This little project of mine has been in my mind for a while now, since it is something I had always wanted to use before publishing anything in the site. I put it together in a few weeks, and in fact you can see its process from the design stage to the launch right here, in this Twitter thread: I have also made the product open source so that everyone who wants to improve it or see how it was made can look into it. Hope you ❀️ it :)
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I find it useful since you can't prepare your page in advance on PH. This allows me to have a preview of what it will look like.


Obviously very easy to use.


Can't see any.

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I actually used this tool before launching Screely yesterday. Screely went on to become the #1 product of the day and being able to perfect my product's look on PH played a big part in this


Easy to use, Very simple way to make sure your launch goes well



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Well done, @tcodinat πŸ‘πŸΌ
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@rrhoover Thank you! As @bartvanpoll said it could be cool to have a product preview integrated within ProductHunt, might be interesting & very useful :)
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If I can find the product earlier, i would not make a mistake by hunting my unfinished project just to test how it looks.


easy to use and nice interface



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