Divyendu Singh
Divyendu Singh reviewedPrisma CloudGraphQL database platform

Provides a powerful cloud layer on top of Prisma

- Serverless hosting

- Data browser/editor

- Production metrics


Nothing worth mentioning

Having taken a couple of services to production with self-hosted Prisma on AWS, I was waiting for it to officially release. I had a lucky chance to use this in beta for a few weeks and I can vouch for this product.

Prisma cloud adds a lot of features on top of the Prisma database API layer

like monitoring and data exploration that makes taking it to production even easier.

What I love about Prisma (the DB API layer) is that it is truly tech first with most of the core design decisions happening on Github, one can quickly understand where the whole project is going.

Another amazing thing about Prisma is that it programming language and technology agnostic, and unlike other platforms there is no vendor lock.

Lastly, a feature that I would want in Prisma cloud is a serverless application server (currently, we build it with technologies like graphql-yoga and host it with maybe zeit's now or on AWS) BUT I can totally see a future where Prisma cloud and become a headless product platform (not just a headless CMS) where you have the availability of various templates to start from and you could build your business on top of it without having to manage any infrastructure.

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Rex Raphael
Rex Raphael@rex_raph · Full stack Engineer
Yeah and you didn't mention all it takes to deploy is "prisma deploy" in a cmd of choice. Its so painless