Randi Hill
Randi Hill reviewedPraxisApprenticeship program and career accelerator

Freedom to experience challenges and help to work through them.


Limited (but growing) network as the concept of skipping college is becoming popular.

I knew from the moment I heard of Praxis that I wanted to be involved. It took me three tries to refine my application and get my acceptance into the program. Once in the program I found a group of driven individuals that put in the hard work every day. They challenge you to grow, to expand your thought process, and to work through the hard days one task at a time. Praxis not only allows you to kick start your career professionally but allows you to create friendships with people who are passionate about success as you! I've been in the community for 9 months and I started the program in March. My time has been just delightful! Every module is created to stretch you and push you just a little bit further out of your comfort zone. If you are looking for a way to individualize your education, look no more!

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