Ross Currie
Ross Currie reviewedPostedoSimple Instagram scheduler that publishes for you
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Great for lazy people


Violates Instagram Terms of Use

Instagram terms of use explicitly prohibit automating posting like this - it's why you can't find apps out there that allow you to schedule posts without providing your password.

Over the last year Instagram have been taking an agressive stance against all forms of automation on their platform, and it's become clear that their discovery/newsfeed algorithms are now detecting behaviour like this and applying punitive measures (one example being the infamous 'shadowban')

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Patrik Krupar
Patrik Krupar@pkrupar · Maker. Indie hacker.
No, it doesn't. Postedo clicks the same buttons as everyone on Instagram but just for you. If I'd hire an assistant to click those buttons for me, it would be perfectly OK. Just a bit costly. Companies have dedicated teams for clicking those buttons and it's OK too. There's nothing to worry about, you're just being overdramatic.