A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac

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Ankush Dharkar@ankushdharkar · Technical Founder, YUDEK
This is one product I absolutely love. I have been an alpha-tester for about a month now. It has a lot of useful features built-in, which earlier was possible only with third-party extensions on the browser. Having an all-in-one native beautiful app is better than trying to make it work on your browser. The design is fresh, clean, intuitive and useful. Love the Interactions and Attachments panels on the right. Let's you get more information about the sender and past conversations at a glance. Keyboard shortcuts are very very handy. Especially to unsubscribe from certain emails. I also like the per-recipient email tracking. More than the product, I love the founders. They are very active on slack and take feedback very seriously. They fix bugs and implement new features really quick. Polymail has been my only email client for long enough to earn a spot at my dock. I see myself using it in the future. My recommendation : Get the app and try it out. Good luck to the folk @ Polymail.
Thomas Honeyman@thomashoneyman · Co-founder @FindMySong
@ankushdharkar Ha, looks like we both just wrote the same message! I'm right there with you -- above and beyond the product, this team is exceptional.
Ankush Dharkar@ankushdharkar · Technical Founder, YUDEK
@thomashoneyman : Ha ha! Yes. You're right. As they say "Great minds think alike"!
Lynn Turnbull@dandelionv · Butterfly Herder @ various
@ankushdharkar Couldn't have said it better myself. Polymail and the Polymail Team rock!
Alex Kern@kerncancode · Founder @ Pavlov
I've been using Polymail for a little over a week now, and it has already replaced 80% of my use of the Gmail web interface according to RescueTime. Considering I've been an avid user of the desktop site since near its inception, this is a big step for my personal productivity flow. What sold me, aside from the already featureful client and clean UX, was the team's responsiveness. They've been shipping updates literally every few hours and handling bugs in a timely manner. By the time you've installed + relaunched, there's a new release. The team has really set a benchmark for keeping testers engaged on their Slack channel, too. Also, hyfr those keyboard shortcuts. :) I'm excited to see where Polymail goes. Best of luck to the team!
Matteo Pasuto@matteo_pasuto · Product Designer
Polymail is sick. I wasn't a Mailbox user because I didn't the experience, especially the user interfaces within that app. As soon as I saw PolyMail on ProductHunt I felt like it could have became my new mail app, basically because to me, it looked gorgeous. I'm now trying out the alpha, and it's already my first mail app for Gmail. I wish the best of luck to the whole PolyMail team. To me, the best mail client you could get.
Nick Soman@nicksoman · Founder and CEO, Reveal
@matteo_pasuto @ankushdharkar loving this app. It's the one I've been waiting for...can't wait for the mobile version!
Ankush Dharkar@ankushdharkar · Technical Founder, YUDEK
@nicksoman @ankushdharkar I am waiting for the mobile app too. Did you try the new swipe gestures on the mac app?
Thomas Honeyman@thomashoneyman · Co-founder @FindMySong
Mailbox was the first app that allowed me to enjoy email. A beautiful interface, simple and intuitive gestures, auto-swipes, and tasteful small details all made for a wonderful experience. One that is now, unfortunately, dead. The promise of a new Mailbox is what first drew me to Polymail. Their incredible ProductHunt performance the other day (most commented all time, top 10 most-upvoted all time!) proves a lot about how much people want this sort of product. And I think the constant stream of accolades on Twitter proves that the app is rock-solid -- the hype is earned. The included features are to die for: scheduled emails, undo send, per-recipient tracking, snooze emails, one click unsubscribe, relationship management... But outside of all of this, I've had the good fortune to use Polymail over the past month. Back when I started, many of these features were missing entirely. What has impressed me much more than anything else about Polymail is the astounding speed and responsiveness of the Polymail team. They run a highly active Slack community devoted to the product. They respond to everyone personally on Slack and Twitter (so much so that Twitter blocked their DM's for too much activity!) And I don't think I've seen a bug last more than 24 hours before getting squashed. The product gets better every single day, including weekends. With this product and team together, I certainly can't think of another app more deserving of the Mac App of the Year award. Best of luck to the Polymail team!
Joseph Toe@jctoe03 · Co-Founder, Reload
@thomashoneyman I totally agree. I've been using Polymail since their PH launch and while the product itself is amazing, the team (and their responsiveness) is what's blown me away. I look forward to continuing to be a user for a long time to come. Totally should be Mac App of the Year!
Ryan Hoover@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Very timely launch following the announcement of Mailbox shutting down (RIP). My favorite feature: the built-in Rapportive-like column that shows more info and social data about the people you're emailing.
Pedro Wunderlich@pddro · Designer of oddball apps. Guatemala.
@rrhoover can you give us a tiny review of your experience with Polymail so far? I'm so eager to get my hands on this.
Rafael Fonseca@rafaelmagu · Senior Platform Engineer
Such a great product! I've been using it for about 4 weeks, and Mailbox is a distant memory now. The speed at which the team is pushing updates is simply mind-boggling!