Pingsy (iOS)

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Just found this browsing AppStore. Yo + Time.
There's a trend now going in the app ecosystem where a lot of founders want to build what they hope will be a viral app centered around emojis alone -- kind of like a Snapchat but just with emojis. They think it's the next big thing. I don't see it happening though. I think the most successful one of these will flop like Yo.
@oelamri Good point – I actually agree that most are missing the mark, and will fail. That said, Pingsy isn't so much about emoji, it's about doing things with people. It's basically an event scheduling tool that's optimized for mobile (even thought it's a crude prototype in it's current state) . People use calendar and scheduling products quite a bit, and I personally have a lot of issues with the current solutions. So that's the problem space we're experimenting with.
@michaelpiliero @oelamri This probably isn't the right page for me to be posting that comment. I apologize. I think Pingsy is a really cool way to quickly ping people to join activities. I was just expressing my view that this trend of apps using emojis heavily for no valuable end is weird. Again, Pingsy is awesome, and I can see it be the main place for me to quickly ping my friends about cool things to do. In the long run, it can really solve the "What should we do problem?" for people on a Saturday afternoon or coworkers choosing a place to eat at lunch time. Really interesting market. You're awesome! Rock on!
@oelamri No worries, and in general, I agree with you. Thanks for the feedback.
Thanks for the hunt @robinraska. Pingsy is little utility that we whipped up in our lab. We were keeping a bit of a low profile as we evaluated it with a smaller group of friends. All good that it's on Product Hunt— will be interesting get some feedback from the community. We also have a pretty solid update coming in a week or so that expands the event types you can initiate, as well as fleshing out the event management portion (who's in, who's out, etc). Definitely YO inspired to a degree, but we're feeling like there's no good product out there to manage smaller social events (coffee, drinks, going for a jog, when will you be home, leaving, product team standups, etc). Time is a constant negotiation these days :) Cheers.