Mark Denton
Mark Denton reviewedPaletteDiscover fresh new color palettes based on emerging artists.

Interesting spin on the palette generator concept. Easy to use.


Look forward to seeing more artworks included in the future.

My first thought was "oh boy, another palette generator," but this is actually pretty cool. Seeing the colors in the context of the original artwork is inspiring, and it gives you a good idea of the kind of tone you can create with the colors. Nice job.

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Jesús Espejo
Jesús Espejo@jespejo · Partner Tech & Strategy @ okay bueno
Thanks for your review, Mark! Right now there are around 200 curated artworks, but for sure we'll keep adding more :).
Alexander Gerund
Alexander Gerund@alexandergerund · Partner Design & Strategy @ okay bueno
Thanks for your feedback Marc, really appreciated! We'll make sure to keep curating artists we love and updating Palette — and we just received our first submissions from artists asking to get featured, so let's see where this takes us :)