The story of success

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Ryan Shook
Ryan ShookHunter@ryanshook · Creative Director
My biggest takeaway from @gladwell's Outliers is the 10,000 hour rule. To become truly great at something requires over 10,000 hours of practice and the work we see from the most successful people in the world is really only the tip of the iceberg.
Daniel Li
Daniel Li@d4nyll · Fullstack JavaScript Developer
@ryanshook That is also the one thing I remember from the book, having read it a few years ago. It reminds me to keep working hard and not be complacent!
Aaron Saunders
Aaron Saunders@aaronksaunders · Clearly Innovative Inc
great book, should be considered a classic by now!
Kamil@kamilszybalski · Product guy first, always.
Always a good one.
AG I'mEducatingMyself-Com
AG I'mEducatingMyself-Com@ag_i_meducatingmyself_com
http://imeducatingmyself.com/out... We are all bombarded daily by ads that try to sell us books, courses on how we can become successful; what kind of habits we need to acquire in order do become successful; how we need to work hard and we will become our own success story. We are constantly presented by people who claim that they are “self-made success” – and if you’re like me who like to question things and think that maybe there more to that story and that something is missing, then you are at a good place to find out more about what is behind the curtains of those stories such as Bill Gates and others. I was looking for book that will explain me in depth on how to some people who try hard and succeed, and there are plenty of other who work hard as well, have intelligence and knowledge – but still struggle to create successful careers, start their own companies and grow them, become wealthy and financially independent. And this book is something that explains all that in a sense that will make you question everything that you try to achieve, especially if you already went through many failures in life (I know I did.) There are so many factors included that can make us or break us, on which we have absolutely no control what so ever. Let me name a few, we can’t choose the time when we are born because some of the rich and successful people such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are born in the right time and in the right place. We can’t choose that, neither we can control current economy in our town, country, globally – but it does make a huge importance whether we have a good chance succeeding or failing. Our background also matters a lot, our parents and even grandparents – who they are, what they are working, how wealthy and how educated they are. There’s research presented in this book that shows how we can have much more chance to succeed if we are from middle class or wealthy background.