Fabricio Teixeira
Fabricio Teixeira reviewedOfficehoursConnects you with amazing people, for one on one advice
 Not Recommended

The product concept and mechanics are great.


The product experience isn't ideal. Lack of communication with users (both mentors and mentees) creates some awkward moments.

Worth giving a try, but make sure you have a fallback plan.

Fabricio Teixeira has used this product for one month.
Eric Karjaluoto
Eric Karjaluoto@karj · I make stuff.
Hey Fabricio— I know you ran into some issues with the connection, and that all relates to firewalls, and how they restrict certain traffic. There are a few workarounds for this. The first is to have your IT department make some changes to what traffic can pass: http://wtf.officehours.io/help/n.... You can also connect through another wifi network—or transfer the call to your phone (that Transfer button is near the bottom of the screen). I hope this helps. :-) Eric