David Lawson
David Lawson reviewedNuclinoPart knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

* Fabulous user experience design

* Well thought out page organisation

* Live collaboration is awesome

* Impressive WYSIWYG markdown editor


CSS of pages needs a bit of tweaking (things feel a bit bunched up)

Nuclino definitely deserves to be as popular as Slack and Trello. Like Slack and Trello, Nuclino focuses on one task and does a brilliant job at it. I really hope this stays actively maintained!

David Lawson has used this product for one day.
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Thành Châu
Thành Châu@chaugiathanh · Mình 30 tuổi và thích thể thao
David Lawson is right. Nuclino is worthy of being liked like trello
Alita Angle
Alita Angle@alita_angle
Haley Christina
Haley Christina@haley_christina