Zane Taylor
Zane Taylor reviewedNuageDomain names with no hassle.
 Not RecommendedPros: 

Nice UI, cool concept


Buggy, no support

After the initial excitement of centralizing my domain management and connecting my registrar accounts, I immediately saw API / syncing problems and UI bugs that made the service mostly unusable for me. I contacted support a few times, with delayed responses and very limited results.

Zane Taylor has used this product for one year.
Oliver Martin
Oliver Martin@oliver_martin
I was trying to pay for a domain and it had an error... XML-RPC fault: Error on object : OBJECT_UNKNOWN (CAUSE_BADPARAMETER) [missing field streetaddr] The thing is ALL fields were correctly filled in. Their service is obviously toast! I seriously say "avoid like the plague so you don't lose your money".