Nagarjun Palavalli
Nagarjun Palavalli reviewedNotion 2.0The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases

- BEST & most powerful editing interface hands down

- Brilliant, simple UX

- Lightweight Kanban and Airtable-like tables are huge


- COST: Highly prohibitive free tier

- No way to organize random snippets

- No browser extension, no handwriting support

- Mobile scanning

I want to move from Evernote (I am a premium subscriber) to Notion, I really do but I don't think Notion wants me to. Whatever I am about to say, I say it with nothing but respect for Notion and in the hopes that it will continue to improve at the same pace.

First, the good - Notion has the best note editing interface I've ever used. A close second might be OneNote (it's a high bar, mind you) and Bear. It combines the simplicity of Evernote or Markdown with the power of OneNote although, it is missing the ability to use handwriting and doesn't support iPad with Pencil just yet. When it does, it will be perfect. I also like that I can save code snippets. Why is this so hard for Evernote?

Notion 2's tables, boards and other updates are huge. While I'm sure the in-built kanban board is not as feature complete as Trello, it should be more than enough for most projects. Same for tables. Airtable has a bunch of really cool advanced features but for most use cases, tables within Notion are just fine. Notion is on the right path and I am sure these features will only improve.

Now for what I don't like - The price is definitely my number one complaint. I will happily pay for Notion when it can do everything that other apps can. Until then, why not let me stay connected to the product with a cheaper paid plan or a better free tier? I pay for Evernote but if I were to consider switching, I can't do so purely because Notion doesn't do a bunch of things that Evernote can (even though it does a lot of things that Evernote doesn't) - Chrome extension to clip articles, emails, images etc., powerful mobile app with business card and document scanning, iPad support etc.

At $8 a month, it is more expensive than G Suite on a per-user basis. Why not give me 100 - 200 free blocks per month? Let me grow to love it. Let me build a workflow around it. Give me some incentive to tell my friends about it. When you have the features I want (I'm sure you're working on it), let me pay for it.

Price aside, I would also like to see how Notion fairs for quick note-taking, It's designed to be a wiki-style product and I get that but I'm sure a LOT of people are using it for personal notes. I use Evernote to save one-line notes - phone numbers, quotes, URLs etc. Notion's wiki-style UX is too heavy duty for that kind of use. It would be really cool if there was a "scratchpad" or "quick notes" feature that was not as heavy duty. For these simpler notes, I don't want to organize them into pages, I just want to save them and may be tag them. Which brings me to another feature I could really use - tags. Why limit users to only folders? Why not allow users to just tag notes?

I could go on but ultimately, I won't be switching to Notion right now, even though I really want to. Cost is too prohibitive but I'm sure I'll be on the hunt for future updates.

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Rick Sheahan
Rick Sheahan@cucumbur · Software Engineer in Seattle. 🐹❤️
It does not do really well at quick note taking or brainstorming alot. I use mind maps or just Bear if I have to.
Jemshit Iskenderov
Jemshit Iskenderov@jemshit_i · Computer Engineer
Underrated review, up up :)
They do have a Personal Plan now and it's really cheap. They set the barrier for entry quite low. I hope you consider. I love this app :)
Saad Kamal
Saad Kamal@todaylyapp · Co-Founder of
Its only 4 bucks right?
Rashan Casseus
Rashan Casseus@rcasseus · UX Designer
I would recommend Bear App. Simple compared to Evernote.