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Nomad Airlines is a tool to help digital nomads:

1) Get inspired

2) Find a place

3) Pack your stuff

4) Work for clients

5) Boost your productivity

6) Enjoy life!

Discover tools and resources from across the web for each of the 6 steps of your journey.



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Adrien MontcoudiolHunter@adrienm · Mobile growth consultant
Hi guys! Here's a slick website useful for anyone interested in digital nomadism (traveling around the world & working online at the same time). I really like how it combines resources for mindfulness or inspiration (Into the Wild 🙏) with really practical tools for productivity & freelance gigs! Built by 5 nomads from the Mangrove community: @mxbraud, @olivierthms, @adrienjoly, @wenyu_zhang & @tchret 🙌
Maxime BraudMaker@mxbraud · Mozza & Mangrove cofounder
@adrienm Thanks for hunting us my friend! The team has been working on this from SF, Paris and Chiang Mai 🌎 I hope it will help people in their quest of the perfect nomad life :)
Olivier ThomasMaker@olivierthms
@adrienm Thanks man for hunting! 🏄
Thomas ChrétienMaker@tchret ·
Interesting collaboration with @olivierthms @adrienjoly @wenyu_zhang and 🇸🇪 @mxbraud 🇸🇪
Adrien JOLYMaker@adrienjoly · Web developer + JS teacher.
Thanks for hunting, @adrienm! I'm glad that you like it! It was fun to make!
Rodolphe Dutel@rdutel · Founder prev. @Buffer
@adrienm @mxbraud @olivierthms @adrienjoly @wenyu_zhang @tchret Exciting to see a new set of nomads being published, well done team!
Simon Guigue@simon_guigue
You guys are killing it.
Andreas Klinger@andreasklinger · Tech at Product Hunt 💃
Why is this called an airline? Was hoping for actual flight packages :/
Maxime BraudMaker@mxbraud · Mozza & Mangrove cofounder
@andreasklinger I hope you're not looking for fruits when you go to the Apple Store.
Andreas Klinger@andreasklinger · Tech at Product Hunt 💃
@mxbraud the comparison makes no sense i would if it would be called fruit store
Jesse ✌️@jessethanley · Backpack Internet
@andreasklinger @mxbraud haha, don't insult people giving you feedback Maxime. Personally, I've been on the road for awhile and pretty involved in the scene (see: When this product hit my feed I was excited, only to be disappointed when it was just a nicer designed list of sites I'm already aware of without much-added functionality. I was expecting flight deals, promotions or an easy way to find the next place to travel to. I'm a heavy user of and am always on the lookout to try something new. Hopefully you guys have some aspirations to build into your name, because it's a market that can always use a little bit of innovation and out of the box thinking.
Vladislav Protasov@flighthack · Co-founder @
@adrienm @mxbraud @olivierthms @adrienjoly @wenyu_zhang @tchret Good job guys! @andreasklinger is actually bringing a very valid point. Nomads do fly all the time and they could be interested in resources which help to find cheaper flights. For example at we partner with cool nomad groups like,, etc. and it would be great if you can add Flights section with nomad friendly resources.
Julien DEVOIR@juliendevoir · growth machine
Cooler nomad pack I have seen so far. Keep the great work guys
Etienne Tatur (old)@etienne_tatur1 · CTO at Moneytis
Great UX/UI of the Boarding pass!