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Abhinav reddy reviewedNo More GooglePrivacy-friendly alternatives to Google products ❤️
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Finding alternatives.


Most alternatives are inferior. I'll stick to whatever product that solves its purpose better rather being emotinally destructive.

Privacy is a generally overhyped and none of alternative products guarantee the privacy better than google. I kindof don't like this biasing.

I just love google for what it has done to this world. Making it smaller and rapid. Let it do whatever it does best and not poke it.

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Most alternatives are actually not inferior but most of us have gotten so brainwashed by Google that we lose track that there are alternatives, other ways of doing things - I'm sure it's some sort of Bias that I don't know the name of off top of my head. Plus alternatives creates competition and forces everyone to improve... the world would be a horrible place with only 1 solution for each thing.
> Privacy is a generally overhyped Would you be willing to share your real time location + bank account balance?
@johnsbeharry Well with google I already share the location and it has helped prove I was not at a location where my credit card was used. So it has saved me a couple thousand dollars. I would share my bank balance if they optimised the adds around what I have and not what they think I have. Biggest reason I cant use duck duck go is because I want my search history. So many times i remembered finding a solution to a issue and then I went back in my google search history to find the solution page instead of researching it from the get go. So far not 1 bad thing has happened to me because google knows know everything. I don't see what I gain by having more privacy, I just see a bunch of lost functionality.