Nayan Mukherjee
Nayan Mukherjee reviewedNirowAutomatic habit & goal tracker

Clean interface

Simple integrations with HealthKit/Fitbit

Calendar integration (unique)


Doesn't differentiate itself from Habitify enough

No integration with Touch/Face ID

Needs better reporting (e.g., consecutive days logged)

I have enjoyed using this app for the past month but can't justify the subscription price until the app more significantly differentiates itself from competitors. (There needs to be a lot more integrations to justify the price.)

Also, I believe that you should completely own your own data, and I don't like how CSV export is a "premium" feature.

Other than that, the UI is very clean, and I think other habit trackers need to embrace "automated" goal tracking like this.

Nayan Mukherjee has used this product for one month.