Seán Marsh ✌️
Seán Marsh ✌️ reviewedNifty Project ManagementAll-in-One Project Management Workspace.
 Not RecommendedPros: 

UI and layout looks slick


Lots of bugs, formatting docs doesn't work well (if at all) and sometimes things don't save.

Really wanted to love this as the functionality would meet a bunch of my needs, but the execution just doesn't match the expectation set by the branding.

Setting styles in the Doc feature is just plain busted. Closing edited docs doesn't always save, with no button to force a save, therefore creating confusion.

The bottom nav layout is awesome, because it's got all things within easy reach - granular tasks, high level overview and all the rest.

Overall, underwhelmed by this and kinda sad it didn't meet the needs I thought it would.

Seán Marsh ✌️ has used this product for one month.