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Nexo provides crypto financial services, including instant lines of credit in 45 currencies, and high-yield interest paid on crypto and fiat deposits.
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Hi everyone, We just launched our Nexo Wallet app and we believe that now is the perfect moment to reach out to the Product Hunt community for feedback. Whether it comes to our signature Instant Crypto Credit Lines, our High-Yield ‘Earn Interest’ products or the app itself, feel free to let us know what you think and how we can make your experience with them even better. I will make sure to stick around to address all questions. Thanks to all in advance!
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@antonitrenchev Hey I am just checking it out. But I am heavily involved on the crypto train. Can you go into more detail on the credit line.?
@antonitrenchev @drew_dunn1 you can use NEXO to get a loan (either EUR/USD or USDT). Its usually 50% of the collateral.. if you put 20k in bitcoin (around 1.7 btc) you get 10k usd/eur to use. You pay 8% per year if you use NEXO tokens.. otherwise its 16% up to 24%
@antonitrenchev @thagoattttt Very cool. Thank you for the update. I will look into it for sure. Much appreciated. Thank you
@antonitrenchev @drew_dunn1 here to help. just try first with 500$ to see how fast it works
@antonitrenchev @thagoattttt Will do. I will check it out. Thanks
I've gotten to know most of the companies in this space, and in my opinion Nexo is among the best. I've taken advantage of their high-yield accounts, and everything has worked exactly as advertised. Deposits are credited quickly. Interest paid daily. And the withdrawals I've made have been same or next day. They are rapidly growing the business, and will soon add Bitcoin and Ethereum as deposited cryptocurrency on which one can earn interest. And while growing quickly, I've been happy to get the impression in conversations with them, that Nexo take a very conservative view of risk, clearly planning to be in the business for the long-term. As with other innovative institutions like Binance and Bitfinex, it's possible to indirectly invest in their future by holding the NEXO token on the platform, as the company pays out 30% of its net profits periodically to token holders. All in all, I've been a very satisfied customer, and look forward to seeing the company continue to innovate in this space.
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Really good job to the Nexo team, the product looks great!
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I'm quite skeptical about the comments and reviews on here. Seems like people have been instructed to review this product positively. @rrhoover, do you have a system in place that filters paid/forced/ingenuine comments?
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@aaroniclee we do! Of course we don't reveal exactly how the algo works but you'll notice the number of upvotes alone don't determine a product's absolute rank.
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@rrhoover @aaroniclee don’t be skeptical just try the app, you’ll be a fan. It’s amazing. Clean smooth interface and the Nexo service is efficient and completely disruptive to traditional banking. Love it!
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@rrhoover @aaroniclee Not one paid/forced us to review NEXO here... The NEXO telegram group says: The Nexo Mobile App is now featured on Product Hunt, join the conversation and drop a comment on And by email says: We are delighted to share that just a week after the release of the Nexo mobile app, we are now featured on Product Hunt - the curated list of the most innovative technology products. If you have enjoyed borrowing cash or earning interest with us, help us take Nexo to the top of the Product Hunt leaderboard! JUST READ, NOTHING WAS OBLIGATED OR PAID!
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@rrhoover @aaroniclee the company/product/backing/press have 5-star trustworthy credentials. But the comments from this Telecom raid just feel so shilly that it's raising some internal doubts.
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@rrhoover @aaroniclee @kevinyun I mean, the shilling has even spilled over into neighboring products... 😂
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Awesome company and product as a customer, awesome company and business as an investor. Looking forward for the 2nd dividend payment the 15th August 2019.
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