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NewCraft makes it easy to unlock job referrals with paid, online apprenticeships. Students get paid $20/hr while they learn from experts and companies. Companies get to work with vetted, potential hires up to 90 days before they are hired.
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Glad you're working on this, @rulesbycam and @sahkho. Anecdotally, I learned so much more on the job than in college, yet finding an internship or apprenticeship can be very difficult. Why is NewCraft paying the apprentices directly and not the company? Is this to reduce the friction for companies to participate and open more opportunities for apprentices?
Thanks @rrhoover! Yes 100%, we want to lower barriers as much as possible for both sides.
Hi Product Hunt! We're excited to share NewCraft with you today. NewCraft makes it easy to unlock job referrals with paid, online apprenticeships. We pay students $20/hr to work at a company we match them to, at no cost to the company. Now you can get paid to learn online while also building relationships with great companies and experts. This eliminates some hiring risks for companies by allowing them to screen, onboard and train talent 90 days before they are even hired (for $0). At the end of every apprenticeship, NewCraft requests internal and external job referrals from each student's company manager. An example: Someone who is about halfway through an online design course could be a good fit for NewCraft. We'll match them with a company where they'll be on-boarded and trained by an experienced designer online. They'll get paid for completing training sessions and tasks for 3 months, with the goal of unlocking a successful referral from the manager they've been working with. We're doing this because in the middle of talent and paid work, the world currently has this daunting process of jumping through as many hoops as possible to prove you aren't a bad hire. After all of the hoops, your application just gets stuck in a folder with 200 others. There has to be a better way and we think bringing paid apprenticeships online is a good place to start. I can't wait to hear your feedback and questions, let's dive in!
This is such a brilliant idea. I wish I had this when I was in college, trying to figure out how to get into the tech space. Thank you!
Hi @rulesbycam I signed up and added the referrals but unable to do anything further. What is the process like?
Love love love this! feel free to dm me on twitter (handle @radicalvin) - happy to support this in whatever ways i can