Steven Lam
Steven Lam reviewedNeeoConnect & control all the devices in your home

Great cust and tech support team. Beautiful product design. Really nice UX


It's brand new and they are changing universal remote game so there's lots to do with adding devices to their eco system.

Up until now, Logitech Harmony was pretty much your top contender in the universal remote world. It was well but having to plug the remote to your Mac/PC to update is an extra step that is undesirable. Also the product itself is fugly. This is where Neeo excel. Neeo uses a 2 pat sytem, the brain and the Neeo remote. All remote update is done via WiFi instantly. Setting the remote with the Neeo mobile app is so much easier. Also, Neeo is beautifully design. They care about aesthetic which I really appreciate. Their aesthetic reference classic European design like Baum, B&O, B&W, Meis Van der Rhoe and Vitra.

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