Jeff Byrnes
Jeff Byrnes reviewedMindFiMeditate with open eyes. Be productive.
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Ambient sounds are very natural-sounding


Volume levels of recordings inconsistent, no Apple Health integration

Some recordings are too quiet, while others are too loud. There's no integration with Apple Health's Mindfulness category, which most other meditation apps have adopted.

Jeff Byrnes has used this product for one day.
@clefmeister Thanks for the feedback. we are working on improving the quality of our recordings. Apple Heath integration is a top priority post-launch too. stay tuned for an update in a week! cc @viviana
Hi @clefmeister Thanks for waiting. We have a new update in the App Store today with Health App integration. Please update your app and let us know if you face any more problems. Have a good day! :)
@viviana Great, I'll give it a try!