Andrew W
Andrew W reviewedMindFiMeditate with open eyes. Be productive.

Emphasizing short meditations is a great idea, and I haven't seen it before.


Needs a lot more testing

In trying to sign up, the process would fail silently. I finally figured out that the app doesn't like one character usernames in email addresses, or four-letter TLDs, even though both are valid. The onboarding graphics were really fuzzy. I think they're scaled images? The developers have clearly never tested on an iPhone SE screen, as the UI is cut off (see

It's beta quality software, but I really hope these issues get addressed. It's a great concept. If well-executed, I could see it being a part of my routine.

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Bjorn Lee
Bjorn Lee@bjorn_lee · Founder @MindFi. Ex-Zendesk.
Much apologies, this was not fixed in time for PH launch. Fix coming in next week's update