Qing Ru
Qing Ru reviewedMindFiMeditate with open eyes. Be productive.

Felt like I just had a spa. relaxing. amazing how this app increased my self-awareness in just a few min.


wasnt obvious to me that timeline could be scrolled

I did the Vipassana meditation in a remote part of myanmar two years ago, and it was a surreal experience at times. when I was using Mindfi, it reminded me of those moments. Love how I could just step into a space of my own so easily, and slip out when I have to. Finally, an app that doesn’t need me to retreat into the mosquito infested wilderness of Yangon.

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Humbled you are comparing us to a spa... We can improve on the timeline for sure. MindFi is built like an onramp for beginners and we complement the retreats which are further up the learning curve for those who seek a deeper practice :)