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I cant get hold of them? Nothing was delivered.

I paid and from the dashboard I cant do anything except pay. No way to send briefs of talk to anyone. Got a email from someone asking for project details. Sent them UI design requirements for an App. Was told I will get my first set of previews on Friday. They told me they will invite me to slack. I keep emailing and no invite so far. I emailed again and someone responded on Friday and said they cant download the App from their country cause its UK only. Fair enough but does that mean he decided to start on the work on Friday where I was promised first set of samples? I also used their typeform link to send project brief and assets for a landing page. The same person responded saying he didn't get it. I kept messaging and so far no reply. This is starting to feel like a Kickstarter project.

Suganthan Mohanadasan has used this product for one week.
Robin Vander Heyden
Robin Vander Heyden@vinrob · ManyPixels
Hey Suganthan! Robin, co-founder. We got delayed due to our Product Hunt launch on starting the first projects and dealing with the email load. Despite us having planned enough designer to work on the tasks, we underestimated the email volume which caused delays as a result. This is now fixed with new project managers in place and the delivery should speed up. In any case, the clock of your subscription starts when we start the first task, and if there is any delays we will add those days to your clock.
same exact here. still no response. a simple PR campaign here on PH but nothing directly and nothing via email blast to "all recent customers" --- sound of one hand clapping.
Suganthan Mohanadasan
Suganthan Mohanadasan@suganthanmn · Digital marketing consultant
@Robin - Thanks for the update. But, I'm sorry, but you have yet to deliver me a single design. How many days since the subscription? You guys have wasted so much of my time, and it's ridiculous. I have requested a refund and to cancel my subscription.