Md Zahid
Md Zahid reviewedLunacy Editor 3.0Free Windows app that opens, edits, and stores .sketch files

It's on PC! Works like butter.


Beta. Missing some important features. (But I'm sure they will be fixed soon)

Some personal opinions: A bit laggy. Also you can not lock something horizontally/ vertically by holding SHIFT. Some expected keyboard shortcuts doesn't exist (like ctlr+L to lock). Zoom-in & out speed could be a bit faster.

Md Zahid has used this product for one day.
TODO: - Improve the speed of zoom, especially for documents with large/many bitmaps - Find some better list of shortcuts that includes Ctrl+L - Check Shift lock - I'm positive we have it; I've just checked and it's still there. Could you record a short video of the test case?
- Performance - done. It's fast to scroll, especially with effects. - Shift-drag - done. Along with many other shortcuts: TODO: Support of symbol libraries + great, great rework of symbols.